7shifts Culinary & Hospitality Management Scholarships

The 7shifts Culinary Scholarship program empowers the next generation of restaurant workers to get the education they need to propel the industry forward. The culinary scholarship provides a bursary for post-secondary tuition to students seeking an education in culinary-related programs in North America.

7shifts Hospitality Management Scholarship
7shifts offers a scholarship for hotel and restaurant management students to support the next generation of restaurant professionals. This scholarship provides a bursary to students at nationally-recognized post-secondary school in restaurant, hotel, and hospitality management programs in North America.

The scholarship details and requirements are as follows:

  • $1,000 scholarship for a hospitality management student
  • $1,000 scholarship for a culinary student
  • Must be a full-time student of Northwestern Michigan College (any year)
  • Must submit their resume, degree details, and a 1-3 minute video discussing their interest in the restaurant and hospitality industry

Deadline for Fall 2020 scholarship is August 31,2020

Applications, along with additional details on scholarship requirement, can be found at the link below.
Questions? education@7shifts.com.